Reconstructive breast surgery take-up 'differs between races'

The percentage of women who decide to have reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy is different according to their race and how acculturated they are, a new study has suggested.

Research carried out at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center indicated that white and highly acculturated Latina women are more likely to want the reconstruction than black or less acculturated Latina ladies.

The level of acculturation was measured by how integrated the women are in American society and whether their first language is English.

Lead author on the project Dr Amy Alderman, assistant professor of plastic surgery at the university, noted that reconstruction following mastectomy can improve quality of life for many patients, according to their research.

But she added: "Not all women should necessarily choose reconstruction - it's not right for everyone, but all women should be presented the option."

This week, a spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Campaign recommended undertaking plenty of physical exercise to reduce the risk of contracting the illness.

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Reconstructive breast surgery take-up 'differs between races'
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