Recognition is 'first step in obesity treatment'

Obesity treatment needs to start with the patient recognising that there is a problem.

This is the opinion of television presenter Dr Christian Hessen, who suggested that a person needs to acknowledge the fact that they are overweight and then take steps to decide upon a healthy weight as a future goal.

However, he warned not to set unrealistic goals.

"Don't try to lose three stone in three weeks, because it's not going to happen," explained Dr Hessen.

"But, gradually look at areas of your life where you might make those little changes - it's always little changes.

"I always say the best kind of diet to be on is the diet that you don't know you are on because your body won't rebel against it and you won't supposedly cheat."

The comments follow a recent survey conducted by Yakult which found that the average person in the UK estimates that they are carrying around an extra stone in weight.

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Recognition is 'first step in obesity treatment'
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