Realistic approach needed for obesity treatment

In order for obesity treatment to be successful, it can be necessary for people to think carefully about how much weight they can lose and how long it will take them, an industry insider has suggested.

Lyndel Costain, a guest dietician at Weight Loss Resources, made her comments following the release of a study in the Journal of BioPsychoSocial Medicine, which indicated that people with positive outlooks will be less successful in losing weight than those who are pessimistic.

She pointed out the negativity in question is probably just associated with people who are genuinely worried about an aspect of their health and so approach the situation more seriously and cautiously.

Ms Costain highlighted how losing weight can have its ups and downs, stating that people must be prepared to deal with that situation.

"The more realistic people are and prepared for the difficulties linked to weight control, the more successful they will be," she explained.

In her view, a more happy-go-lucky outlook on life can lead to being impulsive and not recognising serious health problems for what they are.

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Realistic approach needed for obesity treatment
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