A quarter of a million emigrated in 2007

684 Britons moved abroad every day last year.

A record 250,000 emigrated in 2007, many because they wanted to escape the high level of crime and taxes.

The exodus is a fifth more than the 207,000 who left in 2006 and a jump of 70 percent on the 149,000 in 1997.

It is the equivalent to 684 every day or one every two minutes, according to Government figures.

Most of Britons who moved abroad went to Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or the U.S.

Despite this, the population of England alone will go up by nearly 10 million in the next 75 years.

Britain is the third most expensive country in the world to have a good standard of living. Money would go further in every country apart from Norway and France. To maintain the same standard of living, a typical annual UK salary would run out after 11 months in Norway. But the money would last four years in Iran and 15 months on Spain’s Costas. For the first time in more than 100 years, British living standards have risen above those of Americans. Increasing incomes, longer holidays and “free” healthcare have all contributed to make Britons better off than our friends across the Atlantic. But the average Briton does not actually feel wealthier than his or her American counterpart. Goods and services are cheaper in the U.S. meaning that even if they are earning less they can afford to buy more.

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A quarter of a million emigrated in 2007
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