Protein 'helps slimming'

People considering obesity treatment might want to heed the advice of Jessica Villa, an independent nutritionist for Big Matters.

Ms Villa has advised people that it is important to keep eating protein if you want to lose weight.

She explained: "To be able to successfully slim down, the body needs proteins every time you eat."

To do this, it is worth trying to include snacks in your diet like "rice cakes with sliced ham, turkey or chicken, with a few nuts and seeds".

Alternatively, low fat yoghurt with fruit and nuts and seeds will also keep you fuller for longer.

Ms Villa explained: "The protein and the fats decrease the uptake of sugar, [which is] so important to successfully snack without feeling hungry after one hour."

The advice follows research from a graduate at Texas Woman's Unviersity, which looked at the effects of blueberry polyphenols on lipids in mice.

Taking the highest dose of the polyphenols resulted in a 73 per cent increase in lipids while the lowest dose yielded a 27 per cent decrease.

Shiwani Moghe, who led the research, said that there is promise for blueberries "to help reduce adipose tissue from forming in the body".



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Protein 'helps slimming'
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