Professionals 'are not immune to alcoholism'

Professional workers are just as likely as other people to succumb to the dangers of alcohol addiction

Adrianna Irvine, a counsellor and psychotherapist, believes people in positions of responsibility are not immune from alcohol abuse and many face a greater stigma as they are seen by some to know better.

"It's very difficult then for people to get out of the humiliation of what they know is wrong into the humility of knowing that they need to get help," she said.

Ms Irvine stated that alcoholism was viewed by society as a shameful condition and many people believe they can control it, while some deny that they are even suffering from the illness.

There is little that can be done to aid a sufferer until they decide they need help, she added.

Alcoholics Anonymous states that once a person becomes reliant on alcohol, they will always remain an alcoholic and they will need to control the illness for the rest of their lives.

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Professionals 'are not immune to alcoholism'
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