Private dentist offers new treatment for denture wearers

People who wear dentures can now benefit from a minimally invasive dental treatment that allows the lower dentures to be snapped into place for a more secure fit.

The option is suitable for patients who are uncomfortable with the way their dentures fit and it costs significantly less than traditional implants.

It is now being offered by Dr Justin Stewart of the Surrey-based Denture Clinic, who replaces the root of the natural tooth with miniature titanium implants under a local anaesthetic.

The implant has a protruding ball to which the lower dentures can be 'snapped' into place.

Dr Stewart, a member of the British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry, explained: "As we age, bone height is lost, and therefore it has historically been very difficult to secure lower dentures."

He revealed that the new procedure can be performed in around an hour and a half and gives the patient "full security that the denture will not shift or tilt or wander".

The dentist added that patient satisfaction has been "extremely high" as the mini dental implants are effective, do not require invasive surgery, and cost far less than traditional implants.

Around one in four adults in Britain wear dentures, including over a million people under the age of 45.

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Private dentist offers new treatment for denture wearers
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