Pregnancy assistance 'should be adapted for local needs'

It has been suggested that antenatal services need to be adjusted in order to accommodate the needs of local areas.

Sue Sauter, spokesperson for Baby Lifeline, said that there "is not one package that is right" when it comes to providing for pregnant women.

"It really is a question of adjusting to what your particular problem is in your area," she noted.

"You can't transpose from one area to another because it might not meet that particular women's needs."

The comments come as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has suggested that too many women who are faced with difficult social circumstances "are not accessing or engaging with maternity services, with potential negative consequences for them and their baby's health".

However, fertility rates in the UK appear to be improving for older women at least.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that in 2009 the fertility rate for women aged between 30 and 39 rose by 1.2 per cent.


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Pregnancy assistance 'should be adapted for local needs'
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