Post-surgery environment 'makes a difference'

One of the benefits of private surgery could be the more peaceful surroundings in which patients can recover from their operations.

There is evidence to suggest that individuals who can look at trees rather than an empty wall as they recover in hospital have fewer post-surgery complications, stated senior lecturer in dendroecology at Keele University Dr Peter Thomas.

"Trees are also good for our health - psychologists have shown that walking in rural areas or just looking at trees reduces blood pressure, heart rate and stress," he said.

If a patient is close to trees as they recuperate they tend to be more positive and need a smaller amount of painkilling medication, he added.

Dr Thomas explained that the vegetation produces chemicals called monoterpenes that actually affect the physiology of the patient.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence states the majority of post-surgical infections are preventable and doctors should take the precautions to reduce the risk. 

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Post-surgery environment 'makes a difference'
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