Plastic surgery application trial

A Harvard Medical School teaching hospital is to be the fourth centre to join clinical trials for a new plastic surgery application.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) will participate in trials of Advanced BioPhotonics' DIRI technology for identifying perforator blood vessels in plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

The technology uses dynamic infrared imaging to map blood vessels in the breast tissue and could become a major tool in the planning and execution of breast reconstruction surgery.

BIDMC will use one of the company's patented infrared imaging systems, which provides a fast, non-invasive, radiation-free method for detecting diseases in human tissue.

Robert Ellis, senior vice president of Advanced BioPhotonics, commented: "We continue to generate excitement and make steady progress in this plastic surgery application.

"Based on earlier work, our technology holds the promise of shortening procedure times and improving flap viability."

The company's CEO, Denis O' Connor, added that the company is working with leading surgeons in the field of reconstructive surgery at all four of its prestigious trial centres.

"We are looking forward to completing this clinical trial and to debut our reconstructive surgery application at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Conference in early October," he concluded.


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Plastic surgery application trial
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