Phone counselling improves healthy eating

Offering counselling sessions over the telephone helps people increase their fruit and vegetable intake, new research has suggested.

The study by scientists at the University of Michigan in the US found that people were more likely to eat healthier food when given phone advice sessions alongside educational materials and food plans.

Lead researcher Dr Zora Djuric said that individuals do not focus on healthy food as much as they should due to time pressures and lack of understanding.

"Everyone knows what healthy foods are, but it's hard to make the changes needed to break old habits, such as the familiar grocery shopping routine and the usual chips and soda for a snack," she added.

"Sometimes it's difficult to find accountability within yourself to make changes, but if someone is checking up on you, you're more motivated to do the right thing."

Current food guidelines in the UK suggest that people should consume a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.


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Phone counselling improves healthy eating
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