Perception of laser eye treatment 'changed dramatically'

Perceptions of laser eye treatment have changed dramatically in recent years, according to a leading provider of the procedure.

Laser eye treatment specialists Optimax found that consumers are now choosing to have laser eye surgery as a simple alternative to eyewear in their hectic modern lifestyles.

This is in stark contrast to the 1990s when it was seen as a mysterious and somewhat frightening procedure which was largely avoided.

Optimax claim to have encouraged this shift in perceptions by reducing procedure times to 15 minutes and usually helping patients to return to their regular lives the following day.

With its new website design, the company aims to make the decision to undergo laser eye treatment even easier with tools such as a 'suitability checker' and patient testimonials to let people know exactly what is involved.

There is also an interview with the company's first ever patient, Russell Ambrose.

Optimax is the only laser eye treatment specialist chain in the UK, with 23 clinics across the nation.

It has recently put an investment of £5 million into the latest technology to ensure that its patients receive the most up-to-date treatments.


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Perception of laser eye treatment 'changed dramatically'
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