People will gamble health before wealth

The AXA Wealth Self study into the nation's attitude towards risk has found that people are twice as likely to take a risk with their health, than with their wealth or career.

18% are likely to take risks with their health over and above any other area of their life. This is twice the number who would take a risk with their money, with people equally cautious when it comes to taking a risk with their career (both 9%).

Generation X (35-44 years old) is the age group that takes the most risks when it comes to both money and health. 22% take the greatest risks with their health, compared to just 13% for the 18-24 year olds. Ironically, the research also showed 27% of those who find taking a risk stressful would wait until something was seriously wrong before visiting the doctors.

Mike Morrison of AXA says "It is interesting to see that people are willing to take more risks with their health than their money and career."

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People will gamble health before wealth
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