People 'should seek help to stop smoking'

Smoking cessation treatment should be a mixture of professional help and strong motivation.

This is the opinion of Georgina Burnett, a life coach and personal trainer, who urged people trying to kick the habit to seek support.

She said that stopping smoking was an important step in the lives of many people and they should invest wisely to give themselves every chance to succeed.

Ms Burnett believes that patches and hypnotherapy will be more effective than those treatments that indulge the "habit side" such as electronic cigarettes or nicotine gum.  

People can motivate themselves by making a list of all the benefits they can gain from quitting and carrying it around with them to prevent them from reaching for a cigarette, she added.

According to Ash, 22 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men used to smoke, while two-thirds of current smokers in the UK want to quit the habit.

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People 'should seek help to stop smoking'
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