Pensioners embrace cosmetic surgery

Almost quarter of a million retirees resort to cosmetic surgery to look young says AXA UK

AXA research has found that the stigma surrounding plastic surgery is vanishing with over 230,000 UK pensioners admitting to cosmetic enhancement by surgery.

Retired people are so keen to embrace plastic surgery that one in ten would go under the knife or have botox injections if it meant changing something they did not like about their appearance.  A quarter of British pensioners feel that plastic surgery would make them look younger.

The older Britons get, the vainer the nation becomes with pensioners showing up younger generations by spending more time on traditional beauty methods too.  Eight out of ten retirees state they always take care of how they dress, nine in ten say that everyone should care about the way they look and almost half say we should do all we can to look younger.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by private medical insurance.


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Pensioners embrace cosmetic surgery
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