Parents urged to seek dental treatment for kids

Parents should make sure they take their children for dental treatment before they start back at school, experts have advised.

Assistant professor Julie Jenks of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry Paediatric Dental Clinic highlighted the importance of keeping an eye on children's dental health and instilling good oral habits.

"Parents need to make sure their children have a regular dental check-up before starting school," she said.

"A dentist can assess the child's risk for caries, offer protective measures such as sealants and determine if treatment for cavities or other problems is needed."

However, the expert noted that good oral hygiene must be accompanied by a good diet, as this is just as important for preventing caries.

Dr Jenks advised giving children fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks rather than crisps, biscuits and dried fruit, as the latter contain sugars that can stick on the teeth for long periods and cause dental caries.

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Parents urged to seek dental treatment for kids
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