Parents 'support smoking ban in cars'

Parents have come out in favour of banning smoking in cars where children are present.

In a recent piece of research from the British Lung Foundation (BLF), 86 per cent of parents claimed that they would support such a ban.

Perhaps surprisingly, the figures did not differ greatly between smokers and non-smokers, with 83 per cent of parents who smoked coming out in favour of the move.

Dame Helen Shovelton, chief executive of the BLF, commented on the proposed ban: "We see this as a natural next step from the ban on smoking in public places. I think if people had thought about it at that time, they probably would have done it.

"It is much worse if you're inside a small tin box with wheels than if you're in a large room. I don't think it is anything other than the natural next step."

A "small but significant" reduction in the number of emergency heart attack emissions was recorded following the introduction of the smoking ban for public spaces.

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Parents 'support smoking ban in cars'
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