Parents alerted to UV eye risks

Children's eyes need to be protected from the sun as they are more sensitive than adults' eyes and could sustain permanent damage, a charity has warned.

A young person's eyes have much clearer lenses, meaning that they receive 70 per cent more UV light than adults' eyes.

In addition, while many people recognise the need to protect skin from the effects of UV rays, few people realise that the human eye is ten times more sensitive to sunlight.

Parents are therefore being urged to protect their children's eyes, otherwise they may need eye surgery in later life for cataracts.

Rosie Gavzey, director of the charity Eyecare Trust, explained that UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and irreversible.

"If we don't take steps to protect our children's eyes, repeated exposure can and will result in them suffering sight threatening conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration later in life," she advised.

Older children should wear good quality sunglasses with either the European Standard CE mark or the British Standard BSEN 1836:1997, while babies and very young children should also be protected by a brimmed hat or by fitting a sunshade onto their pram or pushchair.

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Parents alerted to UV eye risks
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