Out-of-hours births 'riskier'

Prospective parents may want to take great care in their choice of maternity ward as recent research has suggested that there could be complications.

According to study conducted by the universities of Glasgow and Cambridge, children who are not born within the normal working week are at greater risk of death.

The small increase in death from a lack of oxygen was discovered from analysing information from over a million births.

Professor Gordon Smith commented: "One approach may be to increase the provision of midwifery and obstetric staff to allow better staffing out of hours.

"Another may be to determine minimum levels of access to operating theatres and supporting staff at all times."
Neonatal deaths among children born inside the normal working weak came to 4.2 per 10,000 live births while it stood at 5.6 per 10,00 for those born at other times.

The report was published in the British Medical Journal and looked at data collected between 1985 and 2004.

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Out-of-hours births 'riskier'
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