Osteoporosis is 'risk factor' in tooth loss

It has been suggested that osteoporosis is a risk factor in tooth loss among women.

Professor Robin Seymour, a leading periodontologist and advisor to Dentyl Active, found that women are at an increased risk of developing gum disease and tooth loss.

He identified osteoporosis, female hormones and smoking as three key links to this discovery.

To manage the problem, Professor Seymour advised: "It is important that once the diagnosis of osteoporosis has been made then they should attend regular dental checkups and also maintain a very high standard of oral hygiene, including using an alcohol-free mouthwash like Dentyl Active.

"Good plaque control will help to maintain the dentition and reduce the risk of tooth loss."

He also recommended professional removal of sub-gingival deposits as "essential" for more advanced types of gum disease.

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Osteoporosis is 'risk factor' in tooth loss
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