Once brits hit mid-40s they stop looking in the mirror

Once Brits hit mid-40s they stop looking in the mirror

  • Just 9.4% of Brits aged 45 and over look in the mirror up to 10 times a day compared to 51% of 18-24 year olds
  • 32% of women are worried about aging compared to 12% of men
  • People from Essex and Yorkshire are most vain, Northern Irish are least likely to check themselves out
  • Bottled blondes are the most image conscious

A UK-wide study by cosmetic surgery group Transform shows that British adults like to admire their image in the mirror up to 10 times every day – but start to avoid their reflection once they reach 45-years-old.

Transform spokesperson Shami Thomas said: “Britain loves its mirrors – at least until we reach 45-years-old.

“Our research proves that once we hit our mid-40s we are far less likely to want to see what age and time has done to our faces and bodies."

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Once brits hit mid-40s they stop looking in the mirror
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