Older people 'taking more exercise'

Older people are starting to take more exercise and pay attention to their physical health.

This is according to recent comments from Emma Soames, editor-at-large for Saga Magazine.

Ms Soames explained: "Older people are much more aware of what they can do to preserve their good health, and exercise is very much one of those things.

"Older people are probably more diet conscious and more exercise conscious than ever really."

She noted that the increasing availability of information is helping them achieve this.

The comments follow the publication of research conducted by Bupa, which revealed that people over the age of 60 are three times more likely to exercise every day than those in their 20s.

Helen Mirren was found to be top of the list when it came to fit celebrities who inspire older people take more exercise themselves. She was closely followed by Joanna Lumley.


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Older people 'taking more exercise'
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