Obesity treatment 'needs to consider emotional factors'

Emotional factors need to be taken into account in order for obesity treatment to be a success.

This is according to lifestyle coach Michelle Zelli who has issued her advice following research from the University of Michigan.

Questions posed to obese people in the University's research found that hunger was not a major contributor to people over-eating.

The most common reason given for eating too much was 'because food was available'; however, this was followed by others who others cited food as entertainment, distraction and a way avoiding boredom, fatigue and restlessness.

Ms Zelli encouraged over-weight individuals to consider the real reasons why their obesity treatment wasn't working.

The latest survey by the UK government found that 61 per cent of adults in England are overweight or obese; 24 per cent of which were obese.

By 2050, 60 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women could be obese if the health problem isn't tackled, according to the government's Foresight Report.

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Obesity treatment 'needs to consider emotional factors'
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