Obesity treatment can reverse short-term memory loss and lethargy

A study that has been published online in the FASEB Journal has revealed that obesity treatment could have both short-term and long-term benefits.

According to the research, eating a high-fat diet for just ten days can impact short-term memory.

The tests, which were carried out on rats, also showed that a high-calorie intake left the rodents with a decreased ability to exercise.

Andrew Murray, from the University of Cambridge, who is also co-author of the study, commented: "Western diets are typically high in fat and are associated with long-term complications, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure, yet the short-term consequences of such diets have been given relatively little attention."

He added that he was hopeful the result of the study would prompt individuals to assess their dietary habits and reduce their fat intake for immediate benefits.

In other news, a study by scientists at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine has found that a diet consisting of meal replacements such as shakes is more effective for weight loss than other strategies.

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Obesity treatment can reverse short-term memory loss and lethargy
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