Obesity surgery patients 'need vitamins'

Patients who decide to have obesity surgery must take vitamins after their operation to avoid becoming deficient and risking their health, experts have advised.

A case report in the latest issue of the Lancet medical journal highlights a woman who did not take multivitamins after obesity surgery and who developed a deficiency.

The 27-year-old had undergone successful gastric bypass surgery at University College Hospital (UCL) in London, but started to experience dizziness and vomiting two months later.

She later admitted that she had failed to take the multivitamins prescribed after her operation, explaining her deficiency in the B vitamin thiamine.

Writing in the Lancet, Dr Rachel Batterham and Dr Alberic Fiennes, both from UCL, noted that obesity surgery is the "only effective treatment" for morbid obesity.

However, they added: "Our case highlights the importance of vitamin supplementation and monitoring of thiamine levels in this patient group."

According to Dr David Ashton, one of the UK's leading authorities on obesity surgery, gastric bypass patients can expect to lose between 60 and 70 per cent of their excess weight if they follow their surgeon's advice.


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Obesity surgery patients 'need vitamins'
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