Obesity surgery patients need support

Patients who opt to undergo obesity surgery as a way of achieving weight loss need to receive the right level of support, an expert has claimed.

Commenting after the revelation that 52-year-old obesity surgery patient Sheila Dunn died after losing weight too rapidly, Louise Diss, a spokeswoman for the Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust (Toast), said that such an outcome would have been less likely if the patient had received "the right level of support in order to be able to get the best out of that treatment".

"If she had had the correct level of support and the right level of follow-up afterwards, that wouldn't have happened," Ms Diss insisted.

"I think it is a dangerous world we live in because people are looking for quick fixes and [for] any treatment (or most of the treatments that have been looked at by NICE, which include bariatric surgery and medication and low calorie diets) people need to have the right level of support in order to get the best out of those," she added.

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Obesity surgery patients need support
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