Obesity surgery 'can improve cholesterol'

A surgeon has noted that bariatric surgery can help to improve cholesterol levels among the obese.

Audun Sigurdsson, a bariatric surgeon at the Hospital Group, said that the treatment can "dramatically improve high cholesterol, lipids in the blood, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea".

He noted that the surgery will help patients to lose around 30 per cent of their extra weight which will help to start the correction process in terms of their health.

The comments follow a study conducted by the private health group which found that unhealthy and harmful lifestyles are responsible for the nation's increasing waistlines.

In fact, one in ten adults is now so obese that their GP considers their weight to be "a serious risk to their health", the researchers noted.

David Ross, chief executive of the Hospital Group, suggested surgery as one way of reversing the trend.

"Bariatric surgery can change a person's life for the better giving them back their health and also their confidence," he said. 

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Obesity surgery 'can improve cholesterol'
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