Obesity prevention 'starts in the womb'

Mothers-to-be might want to talk to their maternity advisors about healthy eating during pregnancy.

According to British Heart Foundation Professor Mark Hanson from Southampton University, a mother's diet while pregnant can have an impact on her unborn child's health.

Indeed, she can help to reduce the likelihood of her child becoming obese or overweight by eating a balanced diet herself.

However, Professor Hanson noted that it is still important to encourage the child to exercise and eat well once born.

"Helping children to eat healthily and encouraging them to be active is also vitally important in protecting their future heart health," he explained.

But the mother's diet in the womb will impact the way in which the child's DNA is 'translated' into cell components.

"Understanding the mechanism may also lead to new tests that can better predict obesity risk in children and target nutritional advice to those who most need it," said the professor.



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Obesity prevention 'starts in the womb'
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