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Cocaine addiction threatens banking, finance and legal professions

Castle Craig Hospital

The EU's Drug Agency (EMCDDA) presented its annual assessment of Europe's drugs problem this week.  In response to the alarming rise in cocaine use in Britain in recent years, Castle Craig, one of Europe's leading drug treatment centres, is calling on companies to take drug abuse in the workplace seriously.

"Many cocaine users are 'functioning addicts' for 10 years or more.  But excessive use of cocaine can lead to dysfunctional judgment, risky decision-making and reckless gambling with company assets - in some cases billions of pounds of investment funds.  Employers are still more likely to sweep the problem under the carpet, rather than get their employee help," said Peter McCann, Chairman of Castle Craig.

"Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug," said Dr Margaret Ann McCann, Castle Craig's Medical Director, "and this addiction harms not only the individual but also their family, close colleagues and employers.  Cocaine abuse is also likely to be closely linked to the increased rate of burnout, stress and anxiety that we are seeing in city professionals."

Cocaine withdrawal can be very uncomfortable and disorientating.  Side effects include fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.  In response to this Castle Craig Hospital has developed a new cocaine detox programme aimed at helping cocaine-abusing professionals.  The new programme ensures rapid, comfortable and safe detox, and encourages the brain to get back to its full potential of functioning.

Private addiction treatment news: 18 November 2011