Non-surgical cosmetic treatment removes need for lip gloss

Women who choose to try a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment may find that they no longer need to use lip gloss.

Dr Philippe Bellity, a leading French cosmetic surgeon, has developed a non-volume lip enhancement procedure that provides the much-desired 'bee-stung' look while avoiding the dreaded 'trout pout'.

The procedure is quick and painless and is now available exclusively at the London Day Surgery Centre, where it is being offered at prices starting at £500.

It involves pin-prick injections of a hyaluronic acid solution around the lip line on the top layer of the lip, avoiding the muscle.

This results in a shiny 'plumped' appearance that lasts for up to a year and Dr Bellity noted that his technique means "you never see a French woman with a trout pout".

"Lip enhancement has had bad press in the cosmetic surgery industry and French women want to look naturally enhanced," he explained.

"Patients are safe in the knowledge that the substance injected is one that naturally occurs in their body and if for any reason they wanted their lips reduced we could reverse it immediately."

The London Day Surgery Centre provides a range of dental, aesthetic and surgical procedures using modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Non-surgical cosmetic treatment removes need for lip gloss
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