Non-invasive procedures herald 'new era' in cosmetic surgery

Breakthroughs that allow cosmetic enhancements to be performed via non-invasive procedures have brought in a 'new era' in aesthetic medicine, experts have claimed.

According to Per Heden, cosmetic surgeon and founder of Europe's largest cosmetic surgery facility Akademikliniken, there are now a number of procedures that patients can choose from to enhance their looks, the Star Online reports.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Singapore, he reportedly revealed that nearly half of US women and a fifth of those in Europe have considered breast augmentation, but less than one per cent go through with the invasive surgery.

Non-invasive body shaping procedures, such as Macrolane, offer an alternative to going under the knife and can often be performed in less than two hours.

Macrolane uses the non-permanent filler hyaluronic acid to contour the body and can be used for a number of purposes, including creating a higher and more defined chest in men, redefining and contouring the breasts and buttocks, and making the calves appear more sculpted.

Mr Heden revealed: "It's a very gentle procedure with very natural looking results. It's hard to tell that a job has been done because it leaves no scars. It is very safe and very effective."

The Macrolane UK website states that the procedure lasts for between 12 and 18 months and patients are generally advised to have yearly top-ups to maintain results.

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Non-invasive procedures herald 'new era' in cosmetic surgery
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