No regrets after male breast reduction

A growing number of men are resorting to cosmetic surgery to remove their man-breasts, or 'moobs', with figures confirming that nearly twice as many gynaecomastia operations took place in 2006 as 2005.

Writing in the Times, Steve Beale reveals his relief after going under the knife in 2003 - in an operation which meant he was in and out of hospital within hours - and says that any man who has undergone the procedure will undoubtedly feel the same.

"It's great," he says of his post-op body. "Not only do I no longer have the 'unattractive protuberances' themselves but the effect on my overall silhouette has been just as dramatic."

Mr Beale reveals that he feels sorry for those sufferers who are unable to afford the operation, which costs around £4,000 at the average private hospital

"Yet cosmetic surgery is beginning to be seen as a far better way to spend your cash than on this year's TV or yet another disappointing beach holiday," he claims.

"While I do profess awe - and a little skepticism - for those who say they're happy with themselves and would never 'fiddle with their bodies', I have no regrets whatsoever.

"I very much doubt any other bloke who had moobs, and now doesn't, would disagree."


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No regrets after male breast reduction
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