NHS hospitals 'still have much to do'

The NHS has reported some good progress in improving the standard of its hospitals, but more can still be done to bring it to the standard of some private hospitals.

According to the 2011 Patient Experience Outpatient Survey, 84 per cent of people rated their experience in a state-run hospital as excellent or very good.

Patients reported that on the whole, hospitals were now cleaner and that mirrors independent studies confirming falling levels of MRSA infections.

"However, it is simply not acceptable that 16 per cent of people with long-term conditions or illnesses were not asked what was important to them in managing their condition," said public health minister Anne Milton.

In addition, two-thirds of those who were waiting for an appointment with a NHS professional were not made aware of how long they would need to wait before they were seen.

Research from Imperial College London found that there was a direct correlation between hospital satisfaction scores and death rates.


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NHS hospitals 'still have much to do'
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