Newcastle has most cosmetic surgery

Newcastle has emerged as the city with the most people undergoing cosmetic surgery.

According to a survey by the Harley Medical Group, Newcastle residents have the highest number of cosmetic surgery procedures, followed by London in second place and Chelmsford in third.

The other cities in the top ten are Bristol, Southampton, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and Belfast.

Anne Newby, manager of Newcastle's Harley Street clinic, told the Daily Telegraph that breast implants are the most popular choice, with women mainly wanting a C cup.

She revealed: "It usually adds a huge boost of confidence to our patients, which is perhaps why it's so popular."

Other cosmetic surgery procedures which are popular in the UK include facelifts, which are most common in Chester, and permanent hair removal, which is particularly popular in Brighton.

Meanwhile, rhinoplasty is most common in Nottingham, liposuction in Birmingham, and tummy tucks in Belfast.

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Newcastle has most cosmetic surgery
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