New Year’s resolutions start with weight loss surgery

January is known for New Year’s resolutions and perhaps losing weight is probably the most common one.

However, evidence from The Hospital Group would indicate that this year more than normal have looked to kick-start a healthier lifestyle as the Group has seen a massive 28% increase in enquiries for weight loss procedures and treatments.

Health-conscious ladies are leading the way and account for the significant majority of the enquiries received for weight loss procedures.  However, there is also a notable increase in male enquiries.

The well-known gastric band remains the most popular weight loss option.  Thanks to high profile celebrities, the benefits and effectiveness of a gastric band have become well-known.  Tina Malone and Vanessa Feltz both had gastric bands fitted in 2010.  Tina Malone has lost over 6 stone with The Hospital Group already, while Vanessa Feltz is reported to have lost 3-4 stone so far.

The gastric band works by reducing stomach capacity and therefore lower appetite so that the patient eats less and loses weight naturally.  The gastric band is adjustable and reversible and is a quicker, safer procedure than other options.

However, the 2nd most popular procedure requested is now the gastric balloon.  This is a non-surgical option which is still gaining awareness but looks set to be the procedure of 2011. 

The balloon device is inserted through the mouth and sits in the stomach, where it is inflated to the size of a small ball.  Taking up space in the stomach it will reduce the patient’s appetite, allowing them to eat less and feel full for longer so that they get used to smaller portion sizes and lose weight.

David Ross, CEO, says “At The Hospital Group, we know that everyone’s weight loss requirements are different.  That’s why we offer a range of procedures.  Although the gastric band is the most popular, we also offer the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. 

“However, it’s good to see the gastric balloon increasing in popularity as this provides an option for those lower BMI patients that want a short term kick-start to weight loss.  Typically the patients have 2-3 stone to lose and need help.  It’s a popular option for those slimming for a big date like a wedding, or Mums wanting to get back in shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

“It has been less well-known, but now that patients are learning about it and see its benefits, our prediction is that the gastric balloon will become as popular as the band, offering a less radical option for those that are overweight but not obese.”


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New Year’s resolutions start with weight loss surgery
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