New travel policy for women

Ordinary travel insurance always seems to have been designed by men for men. So a new outfit decided to take things into their own hands and design travel insurance with feminine features.

Bikini features:

  • Extra cover for those things that are important to both a woman and even the man in her life: clothes, shoes, handbag, hair straighteners, jewelry and watches
  • Bikini Personal Security will come to your assistance if you: lose your passport, if your personal security is threatened or if you have an emergency cash situation say, after being robbed
  • Hen party option
  • Winter sports option
  • Wedding upgrade will cover wedding rings, wedding photos, gifts and wedding attire.

Future plans include a medical cash card. In some countries, if you need medical treatment the clinic might demand payment up front. And you might be near your credit limit on your Visa or Mastercard. This is an extra Visa card to pay for an approved medical bill.

Elite ski racer and British Olympic hopeful Chemmy Alcott has been signed up as the face of the new company for its launch.

Medical underwriter Charlotte Lee Field, who designed the policy, says: "This has been a great opportunity to think hard about travel insurance policies from a female perspective and design-in feminine features that you just can't get elsewhere."

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New travel policy for women
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