New sexual health treatment lauded by expert

A new sexual health treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) has been lauded by an industry expert, who claims it could hav far-reaching consequences.

Dr Goce Aleksovski, a spokesperson from eHealth Forum, made his comments following the release of research at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine which suggests that their topical treatment for ED might have fewer side effects than current medication such as Viagra.

He pointed out that the drug itself is not new but that the way it is taken to its specified destination is interesting.

Mr Aleksovski noted that the way the cream penetrates the skin could become an important technique in the future as it might be able to increase the amount of medication that is delivered to a certain area of the body.

"The depth such a delivery system can reach might also be more pervasive, because it might use different 'holes' in the skin," he added.

The drug delivery system uses nanoparticles encapsulating the drug in question to deliver treatment.

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New sexual health treatment lauded by expert
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