New sculpting machine promises to freeze fat cells

A new machine has arrived in the UK which its makers claim can shrink love handles and wobbly bits by freezing fat cells.

Using sculpting technology, its developers say it can reduce fat by 20 per cent by cooling problem areas for an hour.

The extreme cold causes fat cells to die but does not harm skin or muscles, they claim. All the patient feels is numbness. Then six weeks later, the body’s metabolism has flushed away the dead fat cells.

The £80,000 machine was designed by researchers at Californian firm Zeltiq after scientists noticed children who sucked ice lollies developed concave depressions in their cheeks over time.

Known as the Zeltiq, it is aimed at people who have fatty deposits on their body rather than those who are obese. It costs £800 for each session and results will not be seen for 6 -8 weeks.

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New sculpting machine promises to freeze fat cells
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