New menstrual bleeding treatment offered at BMI hospital

A BMI run hospital in West Sussex is offering a new treatment to women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding.

The NovaSure Endometrial Ablation System is a 90-second procedure which can be performed under local anaesthetic, leaving women free to leave the hospital hours later.

Mr Faz Pakarian, a consultant gynaecologist based in West Sussex, commented on the system: "It is less invasive, can be carried out quickly and effectively and has a fast recovery time for our patients, with most able to go home within hours of their treatment.

"There are such high levels of satisfaction that many patients are recommending the NovaSure treatment to their friends and family with similar problems of heavy difficult periods, saying it had significantly changed their lives for the better.”

Traditional forms of treatment have involved long-term hormone use but doctors hope that the new procedure will change attitudes towards this debilitating condition.

An estimated one in five women suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, the symptoms of which can include chronic fatigue and anaemia.


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New menstrual bleeding treatment offered at BMI hospital
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