New 'L cup' bra launched in the UK

The average bra size in the UK is said to be a 36C, but bra chain Bravissimo has expanded their range this year with an L cup bra.

Only 2 years ago, the chain added a KK cup and they have been contacted ever since by customers wanting a larger size still.

Yet this is not, as is commonly assumed, an indicator of obesity.  It seems that the nation is getting bigger-breasted; as many of those wanting the larger cup size are actually small framed, measuring a 30 or 32 chest size, but L in the cup.

For most women, L cup breasts are far from being a dream come true.  Quite apart from the practical problems of finding underwear and clothing to fit, L cup breasts will weigh around a stone, putting real strain on the shoulders, neck and back; causing real and significant health issues and long-term posture problems.  In addition, they are a cause of embarrassment.  Ladies with large breasts have often endured teasing at school or unwelcome comments when out socialising.

The Hospital Group’s Cosmetic Surgeons recognise the problem very well – the Group has over 1,000 enquiries a year from women who are intrested in a breast reduction procedure.

A breast reduction offers the patient an opportunity to give the patient proportionate breasts, reducing the weight and the associated strain on the body.

David Ross, CEO of The Hospital Group, said “Our Surgeons are sensitive and sympathetic to the problem caused by large breasts.  A breast reduction is a major surgical procedure, where the Surgeon carefully removes excess breast tissue and skin to reshape the breast.  This very often gives patients a new lease of life, as it not only solves posture problems but also boosts confidence and self-esteem massively.

"We offer a free consultation around the country for anyone considering cosmetic surgery so that they can get expert advice on what sort of procedure would be most appropriate and what sort of outcome they should expect.”


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New 'L cup' bra launched in the UK
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