New CT Heartscan Service at Capio Hospital

When you consider that there is 1 heart attack every 2 minutes in this country, you will be aware that heart disease is an increasingly common problem. If discovered early enough however, you can reduce your risk immensely.

Capio Rivers Hospital's CT Heartscan uses Calcium Scoring technology to detect and measure calcium in your coronary arteries. If calcium is detected it is likely that coronary artery disease could be present. Calcium findings are an indication of how much plaque burden or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) you have. More importantly if no calcium is detected, this suggests you are at low risk of a heart attack. Our scanner can detect calcium at a very early stage of coronary artery disease, even before any significant blockage has developed and potentially years before a standard health screening or exercise ECG would detect disease.

CT Calcium Scoring can detect the presence of coronary artery disease even when the coronary arteries are less than 50% narrowed. This makes CT Heartscan a vital tool in the fight against Heart Disease, as half of all heart attacks occur with less that 50% narrowing of the Coronary Arteries.

The CT Heartscan uses X-rays and is a quick, painless, non-invasive diagnostic procedure. No fluids or pills have to be taken ensuring that there will be no side effects, and that you can get back to day to day activities immediately. 

Capio Rivers Hospital is equipped with the latest in CT technology. Unlike some scanners the patient is not enclosed in a tunnel, the ring is not deep and the scan only takes approximately 10-15 minutes, with constant support from a radiographer.



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New CT Heartscan Service at Capio Hospital
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