New cosmetic treatment may cure cellulite

Scientists believe they may have developed a new cosmetic treatment for cellulite a condition that affects the majority of women.

The treatment uses laser energy to stimulate collagen formation, tighten the skin and reduce fatty tissue, in combination with fat transplantation to fill in the depressed areas.

The patient's own fat is injected into the area, producing visible signs of improvement and few adverse effects, according to a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Study author Dr Robert Gotkin, a cosmetic surgeon in New York, commented: "The search for the cause of cellulite and effective treatments is ongoing; however, the combination of a minimally-invasive pulsed laser treatment and autologous fat transplantation represents a viable option for women who have severe cases of cellulite."

Dr Foad Nahai, the journal's editor-in-chief, added that although there is currently no cure for cellulite, the latest research provides hope for those most affected by the condition.

Cellulite can affect the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen and pelvic region and its development is thought to be associated with hormones.

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New cosmetic treatment may cure cellulite
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