New cleanser 'can kill resistant bacteria'

A new cleaning solution designed to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and tackle superbugs has been developed by a team of scientists at Tel Aviv University's Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology.

According to Dr Udi Qimron, the researchers genetically engineered bacteriophages so that they transfer dominant genes to some antibiotics, thus making bacteria more sensitive to certain treatments.

He went on to say that the cleanser will be tested in pre-clinical trials on animals to make sure it is safe to be featured in hospitals.

Dr Qimron further added that the solution is easy to apply, non-toxic and easy to prepare, and it could be used in antibacterial cleansers and sprayed on hospital surfaces, so that resistant bacteria is made more sensitive.

According to BBC Health, MRSA is not any more aggressive than other infections, but is more resistant to treatment. Symptoms include swelling, redness and tenderness at the site of an infection.

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New cleanser 'can kill resistant bacteria'
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