New cancer treatment system at the Cromwell

As part of a £9m investment in its Cancer Centre, the Bupa Cromwell Hospital has purchased two TomoTherapy Hi-Art Systems®.  The Bupa Cromwell Hospital is the first cancer treatment centre in the UK to acquire the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System which is the world’s most advanced radiotherapy treatment system for cancer.

This Hi-Art System uses an integrated CT system with sophisticated software to locate and verify the treatment site prior to each radiotherapy treatment.  The patient position can then be adjusted as necessary.  This feature ensures that the prescribed radiation is focused on the tumour site. 

CT imaging enables the treatment site to be monitored for motion and changes in shape or size during the course of radiation.  Uniquely, radiation is then delivered via a beam in a helical (spiral) pattern.  These features enable more accurate and precise treatment of tumours while minimizing radiation doses to healthy tissue and thus reducing side effects.

TomoTherapy offers the opportunity of providing high dose radiation treatment with low side effects in the treatment of most cancers including; head and neck, prostate, breast, cervix and womb and gastrointestinal cancers. 

Other patient benefits include; reduced treatment times compared to conventional IMRT treatments and the opportunity to re-treat patients that cannot be treated again with conventional radiation because of the risk of irreparable harm to the surrounding tissue.

For further information call  020 7460 5556.


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New cancer treatment system at the Cromwell
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