Momen who have a negative body image have been advised to visit their GP to talk about any deeper reason for their unhappiness.

Carol Collins, founder of CC Image and president of the Federation of Image Professionals International, suggested that a first step in enjoying your body is to address "some difficult physical issues that could be surgically rectified".

This could include obesity treatment or even cosmetic surgery, which could boost self-confidence.

Research by the University of Sussex and published in the British Journal of Social Psychology revealed that images presented to women of wealth, success and ultra thin models can have a negative impact on how some women feel about their body image.

Ms Collins also advised seeking professional help to receive advice on how to enjoy their body and wear clothes that suit them, improving their confidence.

"Although awareness is growing around addressing the dangers of negative body attitudes, there is still some way to go," she added.


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Negative body image rectified with cosmetic surgery?
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