Much improved cancer and heart disease cover

AXA PPP healthcare has removed all limits on its cover for licensed cancer drugs on its standard medical insurance policies for individuals and small businesses.

Accepting that heart disease and cancer are the two health problems that worry people most, and that both conditions that have seen dramatic improvements in treatment and survival rates over the last few years, the insurer sees the need to cover new treatments and drugs. With increasing survival times, people are more likely to need treatment and care for longer.

The insurer promises to meet customer needs at all stages of cancer and for heart surgery. It will provide access to the very latest in treatment, drugs, agreed clinical trials, support and care for cancer.

It will cover treatment of cancer at every stage- no matter what path it takes, even if it recurs or spreads. Will pay for new cancer drugs as soon as they are licensed and not wait for decisions from other bodies such as National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

As well as covering all existing licensed cancer drugs, also cover experimental drugs when part of an ethically approved trial. If offered an experimental treatment other than drugs, the insurer will consider that too.

Includes palliative care for cancer with no time limits or session limits on out-patient consultations for cancer.

Has extended one-to-one dedicated nurse service to cover customers having heart surgery as well as cancer.

Will give a £100 donation to a hospice charity for every night a customer receives hospice care.

Extra expenses for cancer treatment include up to £5,000 for external prostheses during active treatment, and up to £150 for wigs.

Will cover cancer treatment including secondaries;chemotherapy and radiotherapy; biological therapies, bone scans, bisphosphonate and hormone treatment.

Will cover specialist consultation visits for follow ups without time limit.

Where customers have out-patient benefit limited to specified cash limit cancer treatment costs will not be taken from this limit.

Will continue to cover customers throughout all stages of their cancer, even if it becomes terminal.

For heart surgery follows ups, there is now no time limits for follow ups for coronary heart bypass, cardiac valve treatment, implantable devices such as defibrillators and pacemakers, or coronary angioplasty.

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Much improved cancer and heart disease cover
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