MRL Insurance for medically challenged travellers

Travellers who have had medical conditions and who are over 65 have long been given the cold shoulder by insurers, who either will not offer them insurance or will load their premiums or excesses to reflect their increased risk of making claims.

MRL Insurance has just launched a policy that lifts the upper age limit of cover to 80. And pre-existing medical conditions are only taken into account over the previous 12 months - not five years, as is the case with most other insurers.

MRL's Insure-All policy offers cover for Europe or worldwide with unlimited trips of up to 93 days each trip (45 days if aged 65-74, or 31 days if aged 75-79). Policy prices start at £15, with an annual European multi-trip policy costing about £79. MRL also claims to offer the UK's first fully self-certified policy, which means travellers won't be subject to additional medical screening after they have filled out their applications.

Cover will be denied altogether if you have any history of heart problems, if you are undergoing renal dialysis, if you have had a terminal diagnosis, or if you have changed your medication in the past three months. Nor will you be covered if you travel against the advice of your doctor, or would be travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner had you sought advice.

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MRL Insurance for medically challenged travellers
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