MRI usage 'should be more widespread'

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) should be used to give doctors a more accurate understanding of the internal brain chemistry of a person suffering with anxiety problems.

This is according to the head of strategy at the mental health charity SANE Margaret Edwards. She believes MRI scans could pioneer exciting breakthroughs in the treatment of mental health conditions.

She explained that any method that can help medication become tailored to a patient's specific biochemistry should be encouraged.

MRI scans could give doctors a clearer picture of the chemical processes in the brain of a depression sufferer and therefore could lead to the development of more effective drugs for those people who do not respond well to existing therapies, Ms Edwards added.

The diagnostic imaging technique is currently used in the treatment of numerous mental illnesses. Epilepsy Action states that MRI is the most common form of scan used for patients suffering with seizures.

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MRI usage 'should be more widespread'
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