Mothers could provide clues to daughters' plastic surgery requirements

A recent study has found that daughters age in a remarkably similar way to their mothers, which could help plastic surgeons provide the most effective treatments.

A study from a US establishment has revealed that mothers and daughters with similar facial appearances tend to age in a similar way.

Carried out by the Plastic Surgery Research team at Loma Linda University Medical Centre, the study used three-dimensional cameras and computer modelling to look at the faces of around 40 pairs of mothers and daughters.

The results showed that signs of ageing that showed up in mothers were also likely to appear in their daughters.

By recognising these similarities, plastic surgeons could be guided as to which features of a patient will change with age.

This could help them carry out more effective surgery to combat the ageing process.

Dr Subhas Gupta, chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the university, has said that this information can be particularly helpful when treating women who are between their mid-30s and 50 when minimally invasive techniques can be used to maintain a youthful look.

He added that eating healthily, wearing sunscreen and avoiding smoking are all ways in which women can help to hold back the ageing process.


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Mothers could provide clues to daughters' plastic surgery requirements
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