More British travellers heading to FCO “Don’t go” areas

More and more British travellers are ignoring Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice, according to a new survey.

Up to 12% of British travellers have visited a place on the FCO’s “Don’t go” list in the last five years, says the survey for LV insurance.

And 8% of travellers are planning on visiting destinations on the list over the next 12 months.

Perhaps more worryingly, only half of the people surveyed were aware that the FCO provided travel advice. And 50% of people questioned said they wouldn’t pay any attention to it anyway. However, travelling to destinations on the “Don't go” list invalidates most travel insurance policies.

Nearly half of those travellers who did visit a place on the “Don’t go” list fell victim to some sort of crime. 

The survey also found that 18% of British travellers didn’t have the recommended medical vaccinations for tropical countries.

At the moment, the FCO advises against all travel to Chad and Somalia and against all but essential travel to Burundi, the Central African Republic, East Timor, Georgia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

It also advises against travelling to parts to Albania, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka.

The FCO has recently launched a new scheme called LOCATE, which encourages British travellers to register with the local embassy before they travel.


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More British travellers heading to FCO “Don’t go” areas
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